Baby Room 0-2yrs

The Baby Room is equipped with everything a baby could need. Babies are fully stimulated by our caring staff with a wide range of toys and activities suited to their needs.
Ratio: 1 adult to 3 babies.

Tweenie Room 17mths-2yrs

Our Tweenie room caters for early walkers and early talkers. Our team concentrate on developing your child's emerging language through their interactions and the use of story and song. There is a greater emphasis on creativity, artistry, the use of tools and child-led activites.
Ratio: 1 adult to 4 toddlers.

Toddler Room 2-3yrs

Our recently extended and refurbished toddler room offers a wide range of carefully chosen equipment and toys encouraging all aspects of a child's development through supervised artwork and play, and with many floor and table top activities.
Ratio: 1 adult to 4 toddlers.

Pre-school Room 3-4yrs

Our pre-school will continue to develop the skills already nurtured in the toddler room in preparation for school life. We plan a range of experiences based on the children's interests and seven areas of learning.
Ratio: 1 adult to 8 pre schoolers.